Child Support

A child has an inherent right to the support of his or her natural or adoptive parents. All child support must be calculated in accordance with the Michigan Child Support Formula.  A child support obligation will end once the child reaches 18 or, in some circumstances, it will be extended if the child is regularly attending high school full-time, has a reasonable expectation of graduating from high school, and is living full-time with the payee of support or at an institution.  Even under those circumstances, support will end no later than 19 ½ years of age. 

A parent may not bargain away the child’s right to adequate support.   However, there are some circumstances when parents may agree to deviate from the Michigan Child Support Formula, which requires specific details and forms to be filed with the Court. 

Child support is not taxable to the recipient and it is not deductible to the payor.   When determining child support, many financial factors will be discussed and considered in conjunction with the child support formula, such as: health care premiums, childcare expenses, mandatory retirement contributions, tax exemptions, etc. 

Child support may be modified upon a showing of a change of circumstances.  Generally, the amount of support is only modifiable from the date the party who wants to modify support notifies the other party with a petition for modification.

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