Limited Scope Representation

Michigan now allows family law attorneys to offer Limited Scope Representation (“LSR”) also known as unbundling. Simply put, LSR allows you to hire an attorney for a specific service or services, for example:

  • Drafting a document or letter

  • Reviewing a settlement agreement / final Judgment

  • Coaching/Advice for negotiations

  • Mediation preparation/coaching

  • Drafting court pleadings

  • Attending settlement meetings

Or, some clients retain the LSR attorney to provide guidance during their divorce proceedings from start to finish, without the time and expense of having the attorney appear in Court.

This type of relationship makes legal services more accessible and can provide clients some peace of mind that they have the correct documents and a solid understanding of the court system, procedures, and what to expect. This service allows the client to seek input and guidance when helpful so that they can move through the court system in a more confident and efficient manner.

Typically my LSR clients are on relatively amicable terms with their spouse, are able to communicate with their spouse about most/all issues related to their divorce, and feel comfortable attending court hearings alone (with my detailed guidance and preparation beforehand). I have many cases where both spouses retain their own LSR attorney so that they each have legal advice and guidance on the side. In this setting, it is even possible to schedule 4-way settlement meetings to work through the draft of a Divorce Settlement Agreement.

LSR is a flexible approach to legal representation and there are many different scenarios to explore based on your family’s needs and circumstances.

The limited scope relationship is not appropriate for all circumstances and families. Please contact or (734) 531-8554 for more information specific to your case.