Spousal Support/Alimony

In Michigan, spousal support may be awarded to one spouse as is just and reasonable, after considering the ability of either party to pay and all the other circumstances of the case.

The following factors are considered when determining a spousal support award:

  • Past relations and conduct of the parties

  • Length of the marriage

  • Ability of the parties to work

  • Source of and amount of property awarded to the parties

  • Ages of the parties

  • Ability of the parties to pay spousal support

  • Present situation of the parties

  • Needs of the parties

  • Health of the parties

  • Prior standard of living of the parties

  • Whether either party is responsible for the support of others

  • Contributions to the joint estate by the parties

  • A party’s fault in causing the divorce

  • How cohabitation affects a party’s financial status

  • General principles of equity

Spousal support is awarded in a certain amount for a certain period of time (or permanently) with the ability to modify the amount/duration based on a change of circumstances, unless otherwise agreed by the parties. Spousal support may also be awarded in a lump-sum buyout.  Spousal support is not taxable to the recipient and not deductible to the payor.

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